I’m not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to the Ponds

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Being Single isn’t agreeing with me this week. Yes, I am PMSing, and that always makes it worse, but it’s been a lonely week. Things I miss about have a/living with a boyfriend:

 - Alway having someone to make me smile

- Kissing someone goodbye

- being missed when I’m not home

- cuddling

- hugs

- making dinner together

- being silly, it’s just more fun when someone else is there to laugh with you

Ok, so instead of focusing so much on what I’m missing, I’m going to try to focus on the things I like about living by myself and being single :) :

- Checking out guys without feeling guilty

- flirting 

- cleaning what I want, when I want

- only having to clean up my own messes

- decorating the way I want and rearranging whenever or however I want

- no one here to judge my eating habits

- sleeping in without feeling guilty

- not closing the door the bathroom (or any door ever)

- walking around naked

- wearing my pi’s all day

That’s all for today. Hopefully, next week will bring a nice detox and refreshing view of life :)


Today, I want to talk about jobs. Lots of people don’t like their jobs. And they think that that is the way it is suppose to be. I don’t. I think jobs are hard work, but they should also be something you can tolerate doing. I have a great job! I work as a sales rep for a cheerleading and dance apparel company in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. But just because I enjoy most parts of my job doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work. Lots of people seem to think that just because I like doing my job and have a ‘sunny’ disposition, that it’s not work and that I don’t work that hard. This shit is hard work! A lot of the time, it isn’t fun. I don’t like hauling my cookies 2 hours one way to work with a coach that thinks she can do my job better than me, or working my butt off for a customer who doesn’t appreciate it. But overall, it’s a great job to have. I get to work from and have flexible hours and can make more money for doing well. It’s a great job, but it is still a job. If I didn’t have to do it to make a living, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t just do it for fun as a pastime. Remember, jobs can be great but are still jobs, so don’t tell someone they don’t work hard just because they actually like their job!



When advice is this good, you can’t just take it, you have to share it.

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haha cuz it’s food

No really, it’s slow at work today so I have been watching a shit-ton of youtube videos and trolling Facebook like it’s my job. There were some comments on a Facebook page about people ‘hiding’ behind their computers and talking shit about other people or things online. I know this is has been talked about before, but when you start to think about it, you can be whoever the hell you want to be online. Which at first you think could be really fun, like ‘oh, i’ll be some super cool person and do crazy things that I would never say in real life.’ But then I start thinking about how people use the internet and what they expect from other users on different sites. For example, I use Facebook to keep track of my friends and family and easy way to find things out about people I know or sort of know. I expect them to portray themselves online mostly the same way they portray themselves in person. I wouldn’t expect my super shy friend from high school, to be loud and obnoxious on Facebook because that is just not her personality. However, when I’m on youtube, I find myself constantly wondering if the things people say and do are really them or if they are acting different on their channel. What do most people expect from other you tubers? Do you want them to be the same as they are in person or come up with a ‘character’ for their channel. 

When this because ‘scary’ is when you start talking about internet dating. On youtube or other chatrooms and some spaces you never actually intend to meet most of the people that watch your videos so you can be whoever you want online. That person could be completely different from who you are in real life. But, with online dating there is usually the understanding that you will meet people that you have an online relationship with, so how honest are people when they are online dating? 

I guess what I’m really wondering is how online relationships compare to in person relationships. Not like romantic relationships, but even friendships or just the relationship people have to each other. For example, I feel like I know a few of the you tubers I follow really well even though they have no idea who I am. Then I start to feel creepy. Are online relationships as fulfilling as offline ones? Are people becoming too dependent on their online interactions and losing the ability to create social relationships in the real world? How does effect business relationships? 

I feel like there might be a research project in my future….


So, I think I want to go to Comic-Con next year. I don’t really read comics, but I LOVE Doctor Who! Woot! Plus, any excuse to go to California would be great!

  • Answer:

    Sharpies :) all kinds of sharpies, the double ended are probably the best, but the pens are sweet too. 




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So today I went to traffic court. Spoiler Alert: It sucks! 

Don’t speed…

Ok, don’t get caught speeding… in a construction zone. Illinois minimum fine of $520.